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We are planning to arrange an afternoon Open Day for the public to be able to look around the Hall for the very first time as soon as COVID precautions permit.

We will arrange an evening event to present a history of the Hall and how it was lived in as a family home in the past

Once the restoration plans are finalised we will hold an event to present these in detail. Sir Lindsay Hoyle has provisionally agreed to attend subject to diary commitments.

The lead Architects, Purcell, have been commissioned to write a Heritage Statement, Conservation Management Plan and Woodland Management Plan. These include extensive archaeological and historical research and will form the basis of a new book about the Hall, bringing its story right up to date. An announcement will be made on this website when it is ready, though it is not expected until 2024 when the restoration ought to be completed.

Events & Publications: Property Info


We're keen to learn more about the Hall and what it means to you. If you have any historical knowledge, interesting facts, insights, pictures or stories to share, please contact us at

We'll share your stories on our social media pages for everyone to enjoy.

Events & Publications: Property Info
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