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Original Lewis Wyatt Architectural Drawings Found

Christmas may be over but we received the best gift, a discovery of exceptional historical importance, the original Lewis Wyatt architectural drawings of Cuerden Hall!

Working alongside our lead Architects, Purcell, we've commissioned extensive archaeological and historical research to form the basis of a future book about the Hall, of which the Wyatt drawings will make a notable chapter.

The starting point for the book’s research stems from conversation with passionate local historians such as Alison Whitham, a local resident and enthusiast of Cuerden Hall and the surrounding parklands.

Alison has a substantial amount of personal history tied up with Cuerden Hall, working as a volunteer for the neurological care centre and charity Sue Ryder.

Talking to local historians has helped Purcell to find hidden treasures. As well as an unusually large collection in the RIBA archive, we were led to 122 original drawings in the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, entirely thanks to Alison’s insights. It is very unusual to find such a large treasure trove of original drawings for any house, but Cuerden Hall and Lewis Wyatt are both very important.

We’re truly delighted to have found them and can’t thank Alison enough.

Alison fully credits fellow local historian Joan Langford, author of Book 7, Farrington, A Lancashire Cotton Mill Village – People, Places and Events, for the information. Mrs Langford received the information directly from the head of the Central Lancashire Development Corporation when it was still in operation at Cuerden Hall.

Alison explained that when she contacted the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal earlier this year, they had the drawings but unfortunately no record of how they got there.

We're currently in the process of gaining permission on the copyright of the drawings and plan to display them at an open day event that will be held as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow it to go ahead.

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